Word Sentences Sentences (2)
retire To stop working - often when you reach a certain age he retired from BMW in 1966
mammal An animal that gives birth to its babies rather than laying eggs mammals can produce milk
apartheid A system where white people and black people where segregated The apartheid system is now officially dead in Africa
population The number of people in a country Syria's population of 25 million
opportunity Another word for chance we should increase opportunities for export
savannah A mixture of trees and grassland savannah has mixture of trees and grassland
trial A meeting in a court of law where a judge Ahmed trial will be next week
leopard A type of wild cat leopard is a strong animal
democratic Describe avountry governed by representatives who are elected by the people Sweden is a democratic country
mountain e.g everest Everest is the tallest mountain in the world
approximately roughly - about The job will take approximately three weeks
silence expected in a library The teacher raised his voice to silence the class
scared another word for afraid He's scared of spiders.
recognize to know who who someone is because you have met or seen them before I can not recognize him
pinch an informal word for steal He pinch an apple
instructions you should always read these first You must read instructions first
umbrella needed when it's raining Do you have umbrella
hiccuping a noise you make - often the result of eating or drinking too quickly I can't stop hiccuping
giggle a way of laughing I got the giggles in the lecture
dithering to be unable to make a final decision about something Stop dithering and choose what do you want!