English Sentences Arabic
strum right - where is my guitar يعزف
squirrel Now where did I hide my nuts? سنجاب
shadow an area of darkness ظل
nomad Will I ever go back to my own country متجول
naked put some clothes on! بالزلط
meander Always wandering from place to place متسكع
Inseparable Like a river? غير منفصل
in exile Never apart في المنفى
glacier Handy if you want some ice! نهر جليد
enthusiasm They are very keen! حماس
drunk The opposite of sober سكران
dormant Not yet active سبات
compatible Have the same interest , etc. منسجم - متوافق
chaos completely disorganize فوضى
bat A mammal with wings خفاش
balcony come and see the view from it بلكونة