lead or lead to - lead up to something ( mean to cause it) قاد أو قاد الى - يقود الى أو يسبب
resume ( to start doing something again after stopping or being interrupted) ( She hopes to resume work after the baby is born.) استأنف من جديد أو مره أخرى
underline - emphasize - highlight - underscore التأكيد على
defend ( look at the LONMAN) يدافع
fend somebody/something off phrasal verb ( to defend yourself from something such as difficult questions, competition, or a situation you do not want to deal with) صد The company managed to fend off the hostile takeover bid.
fend somebody/something off phrasal verb ( to defend yourself against someone who is attacking you SYN fight somebody ↔ off صد Tabitha threw up an arm to fend her attacker off.
fend for yourself: means defend ( to take care of and provide for yourself without depending on anyone else: The corporation will no longer receive a government subsidy, and must fend for itself financially. يدافع
To give someone permission to do something ( permit - allow - approve - empower - grant - authorize ) look at Longman disctinoray
authorize ( could be used as: 1- to give official or legal permission for something The board has authorized the buy-back of 85,000 shares. 2- authorize somebody to do something The Food and Drug Administration authorized the company to restart productio فوض أو سمح أو فوض شخصا
ask for ( The National Cancer Institute asked for a budget of 5.8 billion this year.) طلب
surpass تجاوز أو تخطى
slash - cut - reduce
discharge - fire - dismiss طرد
fracture ( In fact, I observed that America was fracturing into two distinct societies: a republic of dreams and a republic of fears) مكسور أو منقسم
revenge ثأر أو انتقام
be familiar with something ( to have a good knowledge or understanding of something) المعرفةحول شيء ما
pull through
focus on - pay particular attention to - concentrate ( concentrate on) ركز على
deploy نشر القوات المسلحة -