version(noun) different way that someone interprets something
trace(verb) to find someone or something that has disappeared
somewhat(adverb) rather;kind of (but not great)
select(verb) to chose a suitable from a group
research(verb) to study in order to discover new idea or facts
quote(verb( to repeat precisely what a person said or wrote
project (noun) a planned piece of work for specific purpose
prime(adjective) main or most important
plus(preposition) having a value greater than zero
odd(adjective ) strange or unexpected:
major(adjective) important,seroius,or large in scope,sise
investigate(verb) to examine something carefully, esp. to discover the truth about it:
intervene(verb) to become involved in a difficult situation in order to improve it or prevent it from getting worse
inspect(verb to look at something or someone carefully in order to discover information, especially about their quality or condition
initial(adjective) of or at the beginning; first:
incorporate(verb) to include something within something else
impose(verb) to force someone to accept something, especially a belief or way of living
implicate(verb) to show that someone is involved in a crime or partly responsible for something bad that has happened
hypothesis(noun) a theory typing to explain something
hence(adverb) therefore(that is the reason or explanation for).