Sentence Vocabulary
(As a schoolboy he was compelled to wear shorts even in winter.) (The law made wearing seat belts in cars compulsory) Compel, Compulsory
Do not underestimate the power of writing your dreams and goals down Underestimate
To be perfectly frank with you, I don't think she's the person for the job. Frank
The new airport is a collaboration between two of the best architects in the country. Collaboration
Are your paradigms of yourself helping or hindering you? Hinder
His sense of humor is one of his better traits Trait
He was highly praised for his research on heart disease. Praise
Peter's academic success delighted his family. Delight
A large portion of the company's profits is ploughed back into new projects. Portion
He competed with a number of other candidates Compete
We are quarantined in Qatif for two weeks. Quarantine
The electronics industry is showing signs of stagnating after 15 years of growth. Stagnate
Rob, you are being pedantic, and this behavior is so exasperating. Pedantic
It's chilly today. Chilly
I often spend time watching movies during my leisure time. leisure time
On long journeys I occupy myself with solving maths puzzles. occupy
Houses in the suburbs are much more affordable, but their owners have to commute to the city to work. commute
To work in this occupation, you must have a strong communication skills. occupation
She went bananas when she found out that her husband was cheating on her. go bananas
One of my biggest pet peeves is poor spelling and grammar in text messages. pet peeve