Swedish English Arabic C4
vandrarhem youth hostel بيوت شباب
utflykt excursion Next week we're going on an excursion
sjöresa voyage رحلة بحرية He was a ​young ​boy on his first ​sea voyage
semesterfirare holiday maker سياح The worrying thing for holidaymakers is back to home
resväg - resplan itinerary مسار الرحلة The ​tour ​operator will ​arrange ​transport and ​plan ​your itinerary
resenär traveller مسافر She is a ​smart traveller
reseledare guide - courier دليل سياحي - مرشد الرحلة We ​hired a guide to take us up into the ​mountains
resmål destination وجهات His ​letter never ​reached ​its destination.
passagerare passenger مسافر All passengers were angry because of train delay
paketresa package tour رحلة منظمة للمسافرين We ​bought a ​cheap ​package ​tour to Spain
kupe - tåg compartment كابينة القطار
kryssning cruise ‏رحلة طويلة في البحر‏ a cruise down the Nile
jordenruntfarare globetrotter Japan last month, New York next month - you've become a regular globetrotter, haven't you?
fjällvandring mountain tour جولة في الجبال
campingplats camping ground - caravan site موقع التخييم
bilfärja car ferry عبارة
beställa - boka book - reserve حجز I reserved a ​double ​room at the Amal Hotel
badort seaside resort منتجعات شاطئية It is a popular seaside resort.
avresa - avgång departure مغادرة Our departure was ​delayed because of ​bad ​weather
ankomst arrival Hundreds gathered to await the boxer's arrival at the airport