What is Sylingo?

Sylingo is a site which makes learning languages easy and funny by letting you add your vocabulary to tables, organize and listen to them, then you could study them by choosing a quiz from a different type of quizzes.

Sylingo is a great way to study your words


Create your folder and table and start writing your own words in the table that you create without any limit or add ready tables from the library


Study the words that you have added by choosing the type of test you prefer from 4 types, to make sure that you remember them and try to have a high score


We will send you emails to remind you to study your words and you can choose retest from "Test History" to retest yourself with the words that you didn't have a score with to increase your score with and be sure that you learn the words very well

Tables with amazing functions!

Manage words

You can add, edit and delete words without any limit!

Folders and Tables

You can organize your words by creating many tables and folders.


You have ready tables with different languages that you could add them to your account and study them easily.


There are several types of tests you can choose from them to help you memorize your words.


This function would help you to avoid re-typing the words that you have already typed in your table.


You can listen to your words by clicking on the speaker icon.

Import and Export

Import or Export table from/to CSV file so you could continue your study anywhere.

Favorite words

Add "Favorite" mark to the important words so you could study them only.

Test history

You can know your score in the tests that you have done and restudy the words that you didn't have a score with.


We will remind you to do tests by sending emails.

Supporting devices

You can use our website in all your devices computer, Ipad, tablet and mobile.

More features

And more other features...