English grammar - Level 3

English grammar - Level 3

In this advanced level of the English language course, we will talk about specific grammatical cases and explain the conditional cases, wish clauses, and direct and reported speech.

Author: Haya Albundokji
Created at: 2023/04/08
Last update: 2023/04/08
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Course contents:

  • Causative verbs

    In English, some verbs have different meanings are used to show why something occurs. They are called causative verbs. In this lesson, we will discuss the most important of these verbs and how to use them with some examples.

  • Conditional Sentence

    A conditional sentence consists of two parts. One is contingent on the other. The conditional sentence has several types that we will learn about in this lesson.

  • Conjunctions

    Conjunctions in English connect two words, phrases, or sentences and show the relationship between them. In this lesson, we will learn about conjunctions and their types.

  • Direct and reported speech

    We can convey someone's speech to another person in a literal or non-literal way. In this lesson, we will learn about forming direct and indirect speech.

  • Passive Voice

    The passive voice is frequently used in English when the speaker wants to direct attention to the verb, not to the subject. In this lesson, we will learn how to form the passive voice with each tense.

  • Tag questions

    Tag questions in English are short questions used to emphasize sentences. In this lesson, we will explain the uses of these questions and how to form them with each tense.