English linguistics

English linguistics

This course is about linguistics for English learners. It is a study of the English language, and it analyses the aspects of the language. The Linguistics course entails phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.

Author: Haya Albundokji
Created at: 2023/04/08
Last update: 2023/04/08
Category: English
Total lessons: 6
Course language: English
Level: Expert
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Course contents:

  • Phonetics

    Phonetics is the study of speech sounds in the English language and deals with their characteristics. In this lesson, we will learn about sounds and their characteristics.

  • Phonology

    Phonology is studying the patterns and characteristics of sounds. It is also concerned with analyzing the sounds in the language and knowing how to pronounce words correctly. This will ease knowing the accurate pronunciation of new words you may come across. In this lesson, we will cover the properties of sounds and the characteristics of each.

  • Morphology

    Morphology is a branch of linguistics concerned with studying words, their forming, and structures. It analyses the internal construction of words and how to place them in sentences. In this lesson, we will cover the structure of words in English.

  • Syntax

    Syntax is a part of linguistics that studies how sentences are written and how words are connected. It is one of the lessons that help you to understand sentences and place words correctly.

  • Semantics

    Semantics is a branch of linguistics that deals with studying the meaning of morphemes, words, and sentences. It is also concerned with what words can change in meaning. We will explain this in detail in this lesson.

  • Pragmatics

    Pragmatics is a branch of linguistics concerned with the relationship between language and its users. It focuses on what a speaker implies, and a listener infers based on text context, previous dialogue, and other elements.