English grammar - Level 1

English grammar - Level 1

This course contains the basics of English grammar for beginners, where we will learn lessons such as verb to be, pronouns, countable and uncountable nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.

Author: Haya Albundokji
Created at: 2022/12/02
Last update: 2023/12/11
Category: English
Total lessons: 12
Course language: English
Level: Beginner
Price: Free
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Course contents:

  • Subject and object pronouns

    Pronouns are an important lesson in English grammar since we use them in almost every sentence. In order to know how to use and place them in sentences, we need to understand them correctly. In this lesson, we will learn about subject and object pronouns.

  • Reflexive pronouns

    Pronouns are considered essential in forming sentences in the English language. In this lesson, we will learn about reflexive pronouns and their uses.

  • Possessive pronouns

    Possessive pronouns are used to express ownership in the English language. We will explain them in this lesson and show the difference between them and possessive adjectives.

  • Verb Be

    The verb to be is a necessary verb in English grammar. It can act as the main verb in a sentence or as an auxiliary verb with some tenses. In this lesson, we will learn about this verb in all its forms.

  • Demonstrative and relative pronouns

    In this lesson, we will learn about demonstrative pronouns in the English language. We will also learn about relative pronouns and their uses in sentences.

  • Definite and indefinite articles

    In this lesson, we will talk about the articles and their forms. We will also discuss the uses of the articles and what type of nouns come after them.